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Hey folks!

Following on with a previous post on challenge based learning in the PYP curriculum, I decided I’d tackle Games-based learning next. Perhaps unfortunately for me (or at least my COETAIL deadlines), I was also thinking about my upcoming project concept: a YouTube flipped classroom channel for skills- and games-based activities based on student demand. I knew that if I was going to go through with that, I’d really need to up my video production game. I purchased some new equipment and software, and decided that I would take this assignment into the realm of video for my own learning experience.

So now it’s three weeks late. Oops.

Lessons learned along the way?

  • A good microphone makes a huge difference.
  • Not all video formats are compatible with one another. Re-encoding hours of 60fps 1080p video to another format may take 30 hours. Choose wisely before filming.
  • Large amounts of high-quality video fill up all of your hard drives so that passively filming your classroom all day fails and you lose all your evidence if you don’t keep an eye on it.
  • Adobe Premiere is way more powerful but considerably different to work with than iMovie. Hellllooooooo hours of online video tutorials (thanks Skillshare!)
  • Lighting is super mega incredibly important for using chroma key video effects. I look like a grey zombie.
  • When lots of footage gets wrecked, you can replace it with an image from your website for shameless self promotion. 😀

This video was a massive learning experience, but I’m pretty disapointed by it, because it could have been so much better (it’s much more shallow than intended). The process though, oh what a learning experience. I’m not deterred from my upcoming video project by this at all… I learned that even despite some of those frustrations, I really enjoy editing work!

I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments, please feel free to get picky on the technical stuff, this was a big step for me and I want to get it right before I start making content for the kids.


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